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How To Never Run Out Of Ideas As A Designer

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🗃 3 Design Resources

📃 Article - Attention Residue Is Killing Your Productivity. Here’s How To Combat It.

Author: Anthony Boyd

Source: Medium.com

Here's what I learned from reading this article:

  1. When you switch between one task and another, a little bit of your attention stays focused on the previous task. This means you're not devoting your full attention to your current task.

  2. This is what's known as attention residue. It can impair your focus and your ability to make decisions.

  3. The best way to overcome attention residue is to prevent it from happening: Task batching, removing distractions, practicing mindfulness, taking regular breaks.

Link To Article: Attention Residue Is Killing Your Productivity. Here’s How To Combat It.

🔨 Happy Hues

🔨 Firmbee Freebies

  • Source: @firmbeecom

  • Firmbee offers a freebies section on their website which contains great resources like landing page templates, mockup templates, and video mockup templates.

  • These are really helpful resources when it comes to creating mockups for your websites, apps, and products.

  • https://firmbee.com/category/freebees

🎨 2 Design Tips

Form Label Placement

Form labels can be beside or on top BUT on top is more user-friendly.

  • It is easier to read

  • The user's eyes move smoother down the page

  • Users can understand faster

Have a more inviting call to action than Sign Up

If you're encouraging users to sign up for your product, don't just say Sign Up.

You want the user to understand what value their receiving by signing up.

You also want to excite the user with something different.

📃 1 New Article I Wrote

How To Never Run Out Of Ideas As A Designer

As a designer, your value comes from the things you create.

With that said it’s hard to constantly generate ideas. There is always pressure to create a unique design that looks stunning.

Over time, this create-on-demand dynamic can cause tension. You might save your creative energy for only one or two projects, or not put your 100% into a project in the first place in case your ideas are rejected.

Both of these outcomes, I’m sure you’ll agree aren’t beneficial for you in the long run.

In this article, I’d like to share with you my idea generation process and how I never run out of ideas as a designer.

How To Never Run Out Of Ideas As A Designer

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