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A few lessons in form design, Coolors, CopyPalette, 2 design tips, a walkthrough of my Obsidian setup

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🗃 3 Design Resources

📃 Article - A few lessons in form design

Author: Shankar

Source: Medium

Here's what I learned from reading this article:

  1. Think about the loading state of a form. Consider what component you can use to ensure the form doesn't feel stuck or unfriendly. Use a spinner or a loading animation to convey that loading is taking place.

  2. Make error states color-blind friendly. Don't just rely on color to convey a message. Also include an appropriate icon to convey the message: warning, informational, etc.

  3. Don't disable the submit button. This doesn't provide any feedback to the user. They do not know how to enable that button. This adds to the cognitive load of the user. Keep the button enabled so the user can press it and then be shown the errors on the form.

Link To Article: A few lessons in form design

🔨 Coolors

  • Source: @coolors_co

  • Coolors is an easy-to-use and very handy color palette generator tool.

  • It makes the process of creating a color palette for your next design a lot easier and more fun.

  • https://coolors.co/

🔨 CopyPalette

  • Source: @d__raptis

  • CopyPalette is a tool that allows you to generate a Monochromatic color scheme i.e. a color scheme made up of a single color with different tints and shades of that color.

  • This tool is easy to use and gives you what you need to create a simple color palette without overcomplicating things.

  • https://copypalette.app/

🎨 2 Design Tips

Avoid All Caps On Form Labels

Avoid ALL CAPS on form labels.

All caps text is more difficult to read and slows down scanability.

There's also something about all caps that makes it seem like you are shouting at the user; which you don't want to do.

Avoid Using Placeholders As Labels

Avoid using placeholders as labels for form fields.

When the user starts filling in the form field, the placeholder disappears.

The user will quickly forget what information is needed for that field.

Use placeholders for sample content instead.

📃 1 New Article I Wrote

A Walkthrough Of My Obsidian Setup

This week's article is 🔥 and at least 2 weeks in the making.

After fielding a number of questions from people about my Obsidian setup, I finally decided to put together a comprehensive article that showcases how I use Obsidian as a designer, content creator, and productive individual.

It's packed full of screenshots, code snippets, templates, and tips and tricks you can try out for yourself.

Read this week's article to find out how I use Obsidian: A Walkthrough Of My Obsidian Setup

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