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Atomic Design, LottieFiles, GoodBrief, 2 Design Tips, A Simple But Effective Way To Learn Every Day

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🗃 3 Design Resources

📃 Article - Atomic Design

Author: Brad Frost

Source: bradfrost.com

Here's what I learned from reading this article:

  1. Atomic design is a methodology for creating design systems.

  2. Atomic design functions on the idea in Chemistry where atoms are the smallest units of matter but combine to form more complex organisms.

  3. By designing components from the ground up, they become reusable and can be easily modified.

Link To Article: Atomic Design

🔨 LottieFiles

🔨 Goodbrief

🎨 2 Design Tips

Have a recommended pricing option

When designing pricing cards for your landing page, highlight a recommended option to the audience.

The recommended option might be the best value or it might be the option that most people choose.

To make it stand out, you could:

  • change the coloring relative to the other pricing options

  • Make it taller than the others

  • Make the signup button more noticeable by making it larger, or a different color

Have a clear and concise headline

Have a clear, concise headline on your landing page.

Some quick tips:

  • Use between 6 - 12 words

  • Be clear - avoid complicated words + jargon

  • Be specific to your target audience

📃 1 New Article I Wrote

A Simple But Effective Way To Learn Every Day

This week I have reached deep into the article archives to find this gem.

Just because you’ve left school doesn’t mean that you should stop learning. In fact, I would argue that you should never stop learning new things.

This article is all about continuous learning, the Feynman Technique, and inspiration for learning every day.

A Simple But Effective Way To Learn Every Day

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