Context Switching: Why It's So Hard to Avoid & How to Prevent It Anyway, Colors and Fonts, Open Color, 2 Design Tips, Establishing A Shut Down Routine For Maximum Clarity

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🗃 3 Design Resources

📃 Article - Context Switching: Why It's So Hard to Avoid & How to Prevent It Anyway

Author: Elaine Meyer

Source: Doist Blog

Here's what I learned from reading this article:

  1. In our always-on work cultures, it's easy to have our attention scattered in many different directions from email to IMs to meetings to other work.

  2. The act of rapidly switching contexts i.e. multitasking can actually reduce your IQ when you're in a state of brain fog due to mental exhaustion.

  3. It can take up to 23 minutes to re-focus after you've been distracted by something.

Link To Article: Context Switching: Why It's So Hard to Avoid & How to Prevent It Anyway

🔨 Colors And Fonts

  • Colors and fonts is a comprehensive resource of color and typography-related content. This includes color palettes, gradients, font pairings, and glyphs.

  • This is a great resource to add to your bookmarks and refer back to when you need a color palette or a font pairing for your next project.

  • Colors And Fonts

🔨 Open Color

  • Also color-related, Open Color is an open-source color scheme that's free to use.

  • It contains a library of tints and shades of colors that you can pick and choose from for your next design project.

  • Open Color

🎨 2 Design Tips

Align table header text

Header text in a table should match the alignment of the column content.

This makes things more consistent and easy to read.

Don't disable submit buttons on forms

Don't disable submit buttons on forms. It adds to the user's cognitive load.

It takes more brainpower to figure out how to make the button active which is a waste of time.

Instead, keep the button active and use validation after submit.

📃 1 Article I Wrote

Establishing A Shut Down Routine For Maximum Clarity

This week's article centers around the shutdown routine.

A shutdown routine is something you do at the end of your workday that tells your brain, I’m finished with work today.

By making a shutdown routine part of your daily habits, you’ll find that your mind can focus on other things outside of your work.

Once your mind knows that your tasks have been handled for the day, you’ll be less likely to think about that email you need to send or that random task you should prioritize.

You can spend time with family and friends and be free from distraction.

Establishing A Shut Down Routine For Maximum Clarity

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