Avoid The Urgency Trap With The Eisenhower Matrix, NNGroup, Design Principles, 2 UI/UX Design Tips

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📃 3 Design Library Items

Article - Avoid The Urgency Trap With The Eisenhower Matrix

Author: Laura Scroggs

Source: Todoist Blog

Here's what I learned from reading this article:

  1. Humans are bad at prioritizing tasks that will in the long term lead us towards our goals. We tend to focus on the tasks that are the most urgent but not necessarily the most important.

  2. By categorizing your tasks into the 4 quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix, you can see where you are spending your time and work towards tasks that provide you with the most personal growth.

  3. A weekly review is an important tool to reflect on the week, see how you have spent your time, and plan for the next week.

Link To Article: Avoid The Urgency Trap With The Eisenhower Matrix


  • The Nielsen Norman Group website is a great resource for learning about user experience.

  • As the name might suggest, this site was founded by UX veterans Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman.

  • I highly recommend bookmarking this resource and reading a few articles a week to build your UX knowledge.

  • NNGroup.com - UX

Design Principles

  • Design Principles is a site dedicated to, as you might have guessed, design principles.

  • The website holds a vast collection of different types of design principles. From principles of rich web apps to principles of good road design.

  • There's a lot to learn from this website so it's another great resource I recommend.

  • Design Principles

🎨 2 UI/UX Design Tips

Use simple language instead of complicated buzzwords

Use simple language instead of complicated buzzwords.

Don't assume your audience understands complicated terminology that relates to your industry/niche.

Make things easy enough for a 5-year-old to read and understand.

Use padding so your content doesn't hit the edge of the screen

Use containers/padding so your content doesn't hit the edge of the screen.

This makes text easier to read.

It also creates a sense of alignment and consistency which leads to a more pleasing design.

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